Backstitching and Reverse Side Images

Reverse Side

As when any item is stitched or embroidered, the needle must always go through to the other side.  Therefore, the reverse side of the stitching will always be visible on the other side of the bunny ear or towel or blanket etc. 

With the bunny ears, the way that the ear naturally flops is where we will do the embroidery - for the Jellycats this is the inside of the ear.  The OB Designs, Korimco and Bunny & Co. Bunnies ears flop differently so the stitching is done on the outer ear. 

This really isn't something that is noticeable, and rest assured, it certainly isn't something that bothers babies and kids at all! 

See images below of the reverse side of the ears.


We offer 'backstitching' around the name on the larger more fluffy type fur bunny ears. This is as close a match in thread colour as the bunny.  The purpose of this is to hold all of the fluff at bay so the name doesn't get covered over by the fur over time.  If you would rather not have the backstitching you 'may need to tidy up around the name with scissors occasionally if you want the name to be clearly visible.

See images below for what it looks like with and without the backstitching.

I always say if you are unsure, then select NO backstitching and then just trim around the edges. My personal preference is to always use backstitching with my kids as they like the name to appear clearly always. However, this is your bunny and your choice!  When doing full birth details on the fluffy ear bunnies I do recommend it,as the embroidrey detail is smaller, it doesnt take much for it to be covered over with fur! Again, when purchasing for the littles, these are not things that they notice.

Mimi - no backstitching

Mila - with backstitching



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